The Suffering: Ties That Bind

Suffering: Ties that Bind is more than the typical “second verse same as the first” style of sequel. It’s the kind of sequel that gamers look for, just as if you were to see a great horror film and then anxiously await the next installment to get all the answers. You know the gist of what’s to come, you just don’t quite know where it’s coming from. That’s what makes a game like this so special, unpredictability. A must by for horror fans, no question. view

Platform:Xbox and Playstation 2

Role: Lead Level Designer


  • Managed a team of mission designers while designing eight of the sixteen levels.
  • Additional responsibilities included game/creature mechanic design, level layout design, creation of 3D block outs of game play spaces in Maya, puzzle design and AI scripting.
  • Worked with tools team to create a new Maya to Editor content creation pipeline.

2d Level Layouts

  • These were the preliminary layout designs that were completed after the initial text document was approved.


3d White box designs for The Suffering: Ties that Bind

  • Created using Alias Wavefront Maya, the white box environments were based on the layouts created in Visio. The environment artist used these models as the footprint for their modeling once the gameplay was established.



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